Okay so you wake up with a breakout and you don’t have anything in your cabinet that is going to clear it up! What should you do? There are several acne home remedies that you may have lying around in your kitchen that will help to clear up your blemishes.

Lemon – as an essential oil it is often used in several skin products. You can squeeze a small amount of the juice and apply it onto the affected area, it will help to kill the bacteria causing the breakout as well as drying out any excess oil on the skins surface. When used for an extended period of time it is also useful to lighten the appearance of scars. If your fortunate enough to have some clay mask at home mix it up using lemon juice and apply and leave on the skin for 10-15 minutes.

Honey – this is good because the plants that bees feed on have anti-bacterial, healing properties and honey essentially is bee vomit. So applying honey on your pimples can really help to kill the bacteria and speed up healing of the skin.

Yoghurt – this is great used in combination with honey, you can use yoghurt as a mask to help control breakouts. Yoghurt has a very gentle exfoliating effect on the skin as well as being calming on red inflamed pimples, it helps to reduce redness and keeps the skin soft and supple. Its a gentle but effective acne home remedy.

Oatmeal – Also really calming and soothing on the skin, you can mix it up with warm water and apply it as a mask to the skin it will help to reduce redness and speed up the healing process.

Garlic – Yes the smell can be a bit of an issue but if you use it at night before bed and wash it off in the morning it’s really not that bad, it has a very strong anti-biotic affect on the skin. You can crush a clove and rub it directly onto the affected area.

Ice – something so simple, yet very effective, applying ice to the breakout will reduce redness, and swelling as well as kill the bacteria causing the breakout in the first place. It is quiet possibly the cheapest acne home remedy of them all, but great in those emergencies.

Most importantly don’t stress, I know that its easier said than done especially when you have something important on socially the last thing you want is a breakout. However stressing about it will really only cause more to come up so just take a deep breath and try some of the above mentioned home remedies for acne.

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