Supplements that Help Treat Your Acne

Here you will find a detailed list of all the vitamins and minerals that are helpful for you to use as home remedies for acne. Included is an explanation for why each vitamin and mineral is good for acne and a list of foods that are high in that particular nutrient.

When seeking home remedies for acne it is helpful to try different vitamins and minerals, what works well for one person won’t necessarily work well for you! One type of remedy I have seen benefit a number of people is tissue salts.

Dr Schuessler was a doctor in the late nineteenth century who explored twelve vital mineral salts that are essential for normal cell function and health. They are found in the different tissues of the body hence why they are called ‘tissue salts.’

It is thought when this balance of mineral salts is disturbed an abnormal condition arises leading to disease. So by taking these salts in an absorbable form the balance can be restored to the body. There are several of these remedies that are indicated for acne;

Calc Sulph- Calcium Sulphate, is found in the liver it helps with the removal of toxins from the blood and has a general cleansing and purifying affect on the body. It helps to stimulate the expulsion of accumulated wastes in the body, helps with discharges as is seen with pustular breakouts in acne. So if you are suffering from recurring pustular breakouts that take a long time to clear up this may be an effective tissue salt for you.

Kali Mur- Potassium Chloride, this tissue salt in particular is useful for acne due to its association with the lymphatic glands, the system that is responsible for removing toxins, fluid and immune function in the body. This remedy is indicated where there are skin eruptions that have a white or greyish discharge/pus. It too is involved in the cleansing of the blood.

Kali Sulph- Potassium Sulphate, this tissue salt has a particular relationship to skin cells, it is involved in the delivery of oxygen to the cells and tissues. A deficiency in this mineral salt can result in yellowish, greenish discharges from the skin as well as a scaly feeling on the skins surface. Generally with most skin concerns this is a great remedy but particularly useful in acne.

Silica- this mineral is found in the blood, skin, hair and nails as well as other tissues. It also has a cleansing and nourishing action on these tissues and is indicated in conditions where there is the accumulation of pus at these sites as with acne. It is also thought that people with a deficiency in this particular mineral will experience poor memory function and absentmindedness.

Because these remedies are prepared in small doses, you could take all five of these home remedies simultaneously. There are also preparations available on the market that have all of these mentioned salts available in the one product. They are very effective when used with other acne vitamins.

Understand the important nutrients like Vitamins and Minerals that are important to help Treat Acne.

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