Honey in short is bee vomit, it is produced by bees from nectar of blossoms or plants. Most honey cultivated comes from bees fed eucalypt plants. In recent times the medicinal properties of honey have come to light. However honey was used in ancient times for its medicinal properties primarily on wounds and intestinal disorders.

There are several reasons why medicinal reasons for the use of honey for acne. When applied topically to breakouts it provides a protective barrier to prevent infection. It stimulates the growth of tissue therefore decreasing healing time of breakouts. Honey has a strong anti-inflammatory action reducing swelling. It also has anti-microbial affects on the skin making it a very effective disinfectant against acne forming bacteria.

When choosing a good medicinal honey to use as a home remedy for acne you want to make sure the honey is a certified medicinal honey, they will generally have a strength rating, the higher the rating the stronger the anti-bacterial action also the more expensive the product will be. What a bee is fed largely dictates how useful it is for treating the condition, generally speaking the average golden honey you purchase from the grocery store doesn’t have the properties to have a large impact on acne. Some of the better quality medicinal honey’s come form Australia and New Zealand, manuka honey is great.

You can use honey for acne topically as a spot treatment targeting individual breakouts. You can also apply a thin film of it all over the affected area using it as a mask leaving it on for an extended period of time up to half an hour, this is a good option for those who have pustular breakouts scattered over a significant area of the skin. Of all the topical home remedies for acne this is probably one of the most gentle and effective. Who would have ever thought using honey for acne would be so beneficial?

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