Specific Herbs for Acne That Help Treat Your Skin

This is a special section that has information on specific herbs and their benefits for acne. Here you will find the herbs often prescribed by a naturopathic doctor for the treatment of acne, with information on different herbal preparations that you can try at home.

Of all the home remedies for acne herbs taken internally are some of the most powerful in their affect. They help to manage the condition, tone the skin and support the healing process. There are several herbs that are good home remedies for acne. They generally have different actions and affects on the skin and body, and as such they will tackle acne from different aspects. One group of herbs is referred to as vulneraries, some of the herbs that fall into this group are Aloe, American cranesbill, chickweed, elder flower and berries, golden seal, horsetail, irish moss, marigold flowers and witch hazel. Some of these herbs are used externally as topical applications on the skin while others are used both internally and externally.

Another group of herbs commonly used for the treatment of acne is called alteratives. These herbs ‘cleanse’ the body of toxins, these generally target the liver. Some herbs in this group are; Blue flag, Burdock, Cleavers, Sarsparilla, Yellow dock.

The third major category of herbs used as herbal remedies for acne are the anti-microbials. These are herbs that kill bacteria and other infecting agents, in the body and particularly on the skin in the case of acne. Herbs in this category include Echinacea, Garlic, Tea tree and Thyme.

There is another group of herbs which are useful in the long term management of acne and these are the hormone regulating herbs. In this category is Chaste tree among others.

The optimum herbal acne treatment is a combination of herbs from each of these groups in order to get the best results. For example you could make a herbal infusion (tea) with equal parts of Blue flag, Elder, Echinacea and Nettles three times daily and this would help to support healing of the skin, detoxification of the liver and support the immune function of the skin.

Witch hazel also known by its botanical name Hamamelis virginiana can be bought in a distilled form. As a herbal acne treatment, it has a strongly astringent action and helps to reduce swelling and bleeding. This is a herb that can be used both externally and internally. I would recommend you use a distilled witch hazel daily as a toner on a cotton pad after cleansing and before moisturizing morning and night.

Golden seal- Hydrastis Canadensis is another herb that can be useful for the management of acne. Externally this herb has an astringent and anti-microbial action however you should be warned that when used externally this herb can stain the skin a yellowish colour so if you are suffering with facial acne this is probably not the best topical treatment for you. However when used internally golden seal supports the liver in its detoxifying activity that can be very helpful however it should not be used during pregnancy. You should consult your health care practitioner before taking any herbal acne treatment.

Horse tail Equisetum arvense this herb also has a strong astringent action. Making it excellent for healing the skin. It is also very anti-inflammatory. Many botanical skin care products contain horsetail. You can make an infusion by pouring ½ cup of boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons of the dried plant let it cool and then you can use it as a toner, better still use it to mix up a clay mask or drink it as a herb tea. It will keep in the fridge for a couple of days.

Blue flag- Iris versicolor this beautiful purple plant and is a great herbal acne treatment. It functions primarily by supporting the liver especially for people who experience constipation or other digestive issues associated with poor liver function then affecting the skin causing breakouts. This herb helps to clear toxins from the body. You can purchase the dried herb place 1 teaspoon in a cup of water and bring it to the boil let it simmer for 10-15 minutes. You can do this three times daily or take a herbal extract (usually prescribed by a naturopathic practitioner) in which case you will take it as indicated on the bottle. This herb has a mild laxative affect so it is best not to over do it. Best used with other herbs for a well-rounded treatment plan targeting all aspects of acne. Works particularly well with Burdock and yellow dock.

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