There are many different types of homes remedies for acne; below is an outline of just a few of the home remedies that are often overlooked most of which you could easily buy from your natural health store and supermarket, you can also use many of these herbs topically as part of a Home Made Acne Treatment.



When considering herbs for acne garlic is probably not the first to come to mind, however increasing your intake through your diet or cutting it up and taking like a tablet is good for acne as it has strong the ability to destroy bacteria and enhance immunity in the body. You can also use this herb topically on the skin.

Chaste Tree

This herb is also known by its botanical name; Vitex agnus castus. The part of this plant used is the berries. This herb is widely used as a home remedy for hormonal imbalances, in particular female reproductive issues. However a research trial conducted on 161 subjects found that this herb reduced the acne in 70% of people. The herb was ingested for a period of four to six weeks at high doses of 36mg/day, in a dried form, and then a lower dose for one year. It is a long-term treatment however you should see results after the first two to three months of taking it.

It is thought that this herb is effective as a home remedy for acne due to its anti-androgenic effect. Seeing as an excess of male hormones has been implicated as a cause of acne it makes sense that a herb such as chaste tree that reduces these hormones would be useful for the treatment of acne, especially for females who find their acne flares up round their menstruation.

This herb can be taken by ingesting the berries themselves, there are also several tablet and liquid preparations of this herb available on the market.

Chaste tree should not be taken during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Should also be avoided if you are on the pill or on hormone-replacement therapy. You should consult your health care practitioner before taking any herbs for acne.

Burdock root

This herb is known by its botanical name arctium lappa, it is one of the better herbs for acne and has been used extensively for years for many different skin disorders. It helps to increase the elimination of toxins from the body, thereby cleansing the blood. It has also been found to also have an anti-oxidant action, clearing free radicals, making it useful for topical application. Burdock is bitter and therefore stimulates bile secretion and digestion, it is a general tonic for the body and helps to bring it into a state of balance. It is very similar in it’s action on the body when comparing it to Olive Leaf Extract. Of all the home remedies for acne this one is very good for people who have been suffering with the condition for an extended period of time or for adults who have stubborn cases of acne.

Other Nutrients

Flaxseed oil & Evening Primrose oil- these are high in essential fatty acids in particular gamma linoleic acid, this oil aids the repair of skin tissue, and helps to keep the pores clear by reducing the fatty deposits that block them.

Acidophilus- O kay so this is not a herb, however it is a home remedy that may be very useful in supporting those with acne. It is a good bacteria used by the body to keep the bad bacteria at bay, it can be found in, yogurt you can buy it from most health food stores and add it to yoghurt, it increases the absorption of other essential nutrients as well. It is not among the most common home remedies for acne however it is useful if you have been suffering from chronic acne that may be a result of toxic build up from a sluggish digestive system. When your digestive tract is not functioning properly and you suffer from constipation you may be absorbing a large amount of toxins from the bowel, which may in turn be causing your acne. Taking probiotics like acidophilus will help to keep bad bacteria at bay and promote a healthy digestive tract.

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