How to Get Rid of Acne

Outlined for you in this section are several topical home remedies that you can use for treating acne. From things that you can find in your kitchen as well as other specific remedies such as herbs and clays, here you will find recipes that you can try for yourself at home.

Find your Acne Remedies at Home!

Anyone who has had a breakout knows how frustrating it is, there are many good topical acne home remedies, here are a few that you might find useful in treating your acne.

Tea Tree Essential oil

This is widely recognised as a useful home remedy for acne due to its antiseptic properties, it is great for combating the bacteria that is associated with acne, it penetrates into the layers of the skin. It can be used neat on the skin using a cotton tip to apply directly onto the breakout. It can also be added to water used to wash the face or added into a clay mask. There are products on the market that contain tea tree for best results use a solution that has at least 15% tee tree oil.

Azelaic acid

If your looking for an effective acne home remedy, azelaic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in wheat, rye and barley. It has an anti-biotic action on the skin helping to combat the bacteria associated with acne. It should be used twice daily on breakouts and for best results should be used for six months. Preparations with azelaic acid can be found on the market, make sure it contains at least 20% azelaic acid for the best results.

Aloe vera

This plant has been used for many skin conditions including acne the resin and gel are commonly used for cosmetic purposes.

When used topically it has a very strong anti-inflammatory and healing affect on the skin  making it a great treatment for acne. It is also thought to improve the immune function of the skin, helping to fight the bacteria that cause breakouts.

This important plant has also been used in research trials, and was found to reduce the incidence of scarring after trauma to the skin. So it really is a great home remedy for acne, aiding in reducing the redness and inflammation associated with blemishes and promoting the healing capacity of the skin, making it a great Acne Scar Treatment.

This plant is not very difficult to grow, so if you are fortunate to live in a climate that allows you to have it in your garden I strongly suggest you do. It is best to pick a fresh leaf and peel the outer skin to reveal the fleshy part of the plant. You can then rub directly onto the skin for a thin layer, or to use as a masque you can place it in the food processor and then apply to the skin leave it for 10 to 20 minutes and then remove. It is great to use at night as a soothing gel on the skin. You also have the option to place it in the fridge so that it is extra soothing on red inflamed skin.

There are also several preparations available on the market, keep your eye out for one that is as natural and as unprocessed as possible, with no fragrances and unnecessary chemicals.

Oregon Grape

As far as Herbal Acne Treatment goes this is not one of the most commonly recognized acne home remedies, it is also known by its botanical name Berberis aquifolium but it is has been used topically for several chronic skin conditions including acne. It is useful due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial actions on the skin. It fights the bacteria causing acne and reduces the severity of breakouts. Research has also found it reduces the activity of sebaceous glands which tend to over produce sebum in acne sufferers. Reducing the oiliness on the skin is very important for acne patients. If your considering this herb as a treatment for acne you need to apply to to the affected area twice a day to have significant affects in reducing blackheads and pustules.

The best application for this home remedy is in a base lotion with very little oil content itself, and at least 10% of the herbal extract. You can make one up yourself by purchasing a base cream and the herbal extract, or consult your natural health practitioner.

Results may been seen after using this home remedy for a minimum period of six weeks, twice daily.

Light Treatment for Acne

This is an acne home remedy that has been around for a long time, however recent research has established light therapy as an effective way of reducing acne causing bacteria on the skin, it has also been found to speed up the healing process. There are several different types of light therapies, each having slightly different effects.

Other Treatments for Acne

There are several other home remedies for acne, many of which are used in skin care products that are widely available.

The Healing Benefits of  clay for acne, can be used topically and also taken orally, here you will find a useful Clay Mask recipe that you can make at home and try it for yourself. Medicinal Honey for Acne is great as it has an anti-microbial affect and acts as a strong antiseptic for acne. These are just a few home remedies, which we believe help with acne you might like to try them for yourself, and let us know what you think, there are many others so if you know of any that work well for you share it on our blog.

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