A Word on Makeup

This is a very important point of discussion for acne sufferers, the truth be told the best make-up is no make-up. However we need to be realistic and consider the fact that when we suffer from breakouts a little bit of make-up goes a long way in supporting our confidence. So if you are going to wear make-up choose it carefully, in this article you will find the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Natural Mineral Make-up is the best option for acne sufferers, there are a few reasons for this;

  • A good natural mineral makeup comes directly from the minerals of the earth this type of make-up was used by the ancient Egyptians. The minerals are pulverised to a very fine powder, so that it is very light on the skin, however the coverage is very good so you don’t need to pack it on to the skin.
  • It does not clog the pores, that is very important for acne sufferers, liquids and other powders may contribute to the oiliness of the skin creating congestion. Some products themselves have been found to cause acne on people who have not previously had a problem with acne. It is worth making a change in your products and seeing if this makes a difference.
  • Many good natural mineral make-up products contain titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide and this acts as a natural sunscreen for the skin. These also have an anti-inflammatory calming affect on the skin. This could be one of the main reasons why doctors recommend mineral make-up for those who have undergone laser treatments on their skin.

What should you look for? Good quality mineral products are free of preservatives, artificial colours, talc, oils, fragrances and most other artificial ingredients, including fillers and binders.

I would suggest that if you must wear make-up and you have acne that you switch to a good quality natural mineral make-up. Personally I use I.d. bare minerals, they are readily available, well priced and most importantly of a good quality, in recent times many cosmetic houses have created their own formulas feel free to explore different options. I find I always come back to them they also make bronzers and blushes that are mineral based as well as other products.

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