Home Remedies for Acne is a Community Blog focused on Acne and treatments for the Condition.  We accept Guest Posts from anyone who can provide high quality Articles which pertain to the Blog’s main categories.  Contribute to Home Remedies for Acne and get more from the content you produce and from your links.  Become a Home Remedies for Acne Author and enhance your Personal Brand, Backlinks, and more.

Why Should I Guest Post on the Website?

The answer is simple.  We have built a promotion engine here which will enable your content to be seen via all our Social Media Channels automatically.  Our RSS Feed is populated to numerous RSS Feed Agregators and we build High Value Backlinks to each and every Post which is published here.  Our continued External Backlink Building is a continual process and your content Post is Pinged to over 400 Ping Services the instant it is Published. We also have added Open Graph Technology to the site to integrate Facebook SEO with the blog and backside integration with our Facebook Fan Page.  So we are integrated with Facebook and Facebook is integrated with us.  You can login and register with various Social Connections outside the normal WordPress login here as well.

Author SEO Enhancements:

To make things better for our site Authors, we have added Social Media Enhancements to the Author Box.  Not only can you add a Bio, but you can add links to it as well (via HTML).  Also, to make sure your Content is recognized in Google, we have added Google Authorship to our site.  By simply adding your Google Plus profile link to your Author Profile here, you will now have the ability to be recognized on Google when your Content is published on our site.  Plus, you can add all your other Social Media Profiles to your Author Profile here and they will displayed just like any other Post on the site.

What can I Post on Home Remedies for Acne?

You can Post anything which pertains to the main site categories and you must add at least 1 Picture/ Image to your Post.  The content cannot be abusive and must be written in good English.  No other languages are permitted.  Articles must be at least 400 Words in length to be considered for inclusion.  You can add video from multiple sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and more via our integrated Plugins which work right in the Post Editor.  You can also optimize your Post for SEO by adding in your own description and Facebook Open Graph Meta information.  Plus, you can use our Tagging engine which allows you to create Tags based on your content via Yahoo, Open Calais, Zemanta, and more.

Our Post Categories Include:

  • Home Remedies for Acne
  • Acne Prevention
  • Acne Treatments
  • Acne Scar Treatments
  • Acne Tips
  • and More!

Post Requirements:

  • Article Must be 400 Words or more.
  • Article Must Meet Site Category Guidelines
  • Article Must be written in English
  • Article Must be generally free of errors (Grammer, Spelling)
  • No Porn or Abusive Content
  • No More than 3 External Links are allowed
  • Minimum of 1 Picture (Image) Required
  • Category Must be chosen when creating Article
  • No more than 2 Posts will be Published per week (you can submit more, but they will be scheduled for later dates)

How Do I Publish my Articles Here?

This is how it works. 

  1. First You Register here on the site.
  2. Immediately after registering, go to the WordPress Admin and update your Profile to ensure your Author Information is Correct.  Please choose the Name Carefully which you want displayed with every Article You publish and enter the Social Media Profiles you want to display with your Name along with your Personal Bio.  Pen Names will be accepted.  One external link per BIO description is all which is allowed.
  3. Go to the Add New Menu in the Posts section.  Write your Article, Select Your Category for Submission, add Tags, add SEO Information, and then Submit your Post.  You will receive an email notifying you that your submission has been received.
  4. Once your Post is submitted, it will go into “Pending Review” status.  We will either accept your Article or we will send it back to you for Revisions.  We will use the Author Notes function in the Post area to communicate specific issues.  Also, you will receive an email which will let you know when and if your Post has been Published or Accepted for inclusion on the site.
  5. After your Post is Published, we also ask that you Bookmark the URL and Subscribe to the Comments on the Post.  You interaction with those who come to the Site and Comment on your Content can elevate that post in the Search Rankings and via Social Media as we use the LiveFyre Commenting system for enhanced SEO and Social Media Signals.
  6. Submit the URL of your Post to your own Social Media Channels to enhance visibility and Social Sharing.  Social Media Signals can seriously enhance your Content’s appeal.


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