Most of us tend to experience our first bout of acne during our teenage years. During this time of hormonal flux, this problem tends to surface and it can be very persistent for many of us. Unfortunately, it may not go away once these teenage years are over and many of us have to deal with acne throughout our life.

Believe it or not, one of the main causes of acne, particularly for older sufferers who arn’t in their teens is stress. Stress can cause many different problems in our body and most of you that have difficulty with managing acne probably recognize by now that it tends to get worse whenever our stress levels are on the rise. Not only can our stress show up in the form of acne but it can also show up in other skin problems, such as rosacea, and poor healing capacity.

When we are stressed our glands release hormones that have very strong affects on the functioning of body organs including the skin. These hormones can really slow the healing capacity of the skin, as well as increasing the production of male hormones which are associated with an increase in oil production, further contributing to pimples.

If you want to get rid of this type of acne, or any type of acne for that matter it is necessary for you to learn how to calm down and deal with life on a day-to-day basis. Although it certainly is easy to say this, putting it into practice is going to be a difficult thing. Taking time out for yourself on a regular basis, getting plenty of sleep and exercise and supplementing with a good B vitamin in order to overcome anxiety attacks is one way for you to deal with this problem. The best way to combat stress is to do something you really enjoy, taking long walks, spending time reading a good book, or going out with friends. You may also find it helpful to try a regular yoga class, or even some regular meditation can be great for managing stress.

Learning how to keep yourself calm in the face of stressful situations can be very challenging however it is going to do a lot more for you than just clear up your acne. Take the time to learn how to do it, your life will benefit as a result.

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